November 29, 2023

Woom-Bikes are the lightest bikes for kids on the market.

Founded by bicycle enthusiasts, Gesunde Ernährung Christian Bezdeka and Marcus Ihlenfeld, woom is on a mission to bring bikes to a new generation of children. They started with the belief that kids should have proportionally weighted, sized, and shaped bikes to encourage cycling as a lifelong activity.

They make a wide range of balance and pedal bikes for toddlers, preschoolers, and older school-age kids, plus proper mountain bikes intended for off-road riding. They also offer bike accessories, like helmets and gloves, that make the whole experience even more fun for kids.

The bikes are made from lightweight and durable aluminum alloys, but they also feature high-end components. They include a narrow-wide chainring to minimize chain slippage and a front suspension to reduce shock, among other features.

One of the most exciting aspects about woom bikes is that they are made with adjustable-height handlebars, which allows them to fit a wide range of children. This can be a real win for parents who want to make sure their child has a comfortable and safe ride for as long as possible.

Moreover, the woom bikes are also designed with a low center of gravity, which makes them stable and easy to maneuver. They are also equipped with rear brakes, which allow your little one to learn how to stop safely and quickly.

These bikes are also designed to grow with your child, so they are a great investment for your little cyclist. If they outgrow their woom bike in less than two years, you can exchange it for another model in the woom lineup for only a one-off fee through upCYCLING.

The woom 3 is the perfect choice for a beginner cyclist, and it’s an excellent starter bike that will be fun and easy to ride. It’s lightweight, has a small chain guard to protect your child from tripping and falling off the bike, and features color-coded brake levers.

Its wide and knobby tires are also a good choice for beginning riders because they are wider than typical 20-inch bikes, making it easier for kids to pedal. They are wrapped on lightweight SOOPA-DOOPA rims, which also make steering and riding a lot more fun.

Lastly, it has a comfortable and safe saddle with a back support to prevent your child from developing sore spots. The woom 3 comes with a kickstand and is compatible with a variety of accessories, including water bottle cages, bells, lights, and handlebar bags.

With its adjustable-height handlebars, the woom 4 is a perfect fit for most children. It can be adjusted almost 2” taller or lower than its standard height for maximum comfort and reach.

It also has a bar-mounted grip bell that’s quick to ring and easy for your child to find. This system doesn’t require a battery and doesn’t interfere with the positioning of the handlebars. It’s a great addition to any kid’s bike, especially if you have to leave the bike on while your kid runs errands or isn’t at home.

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