February 27, 2024

They have over 100 years of experience with making knives. They have developed many unique processes, and they know what works. They are dedicated to their craftsmanship, quality, integrity and customer satisfaction.They do not cut corners in materials, processes or workmanship; and they back it up with their famous 4-Ever Warranty.

Why does Buck use stainless steel?

They use materials that have optimum properties for the intended purpose. Since they make knives for different purposes, they use different steels–all of them stainless. Like other steels, stainless is an alloy-one that has been developed to resist corrosion. They know that many of their knives are going to be exposed to harsh environments-water, snow, salt air, chemicals, etc. Other knives may rarely leave a person’s pocket or desk. Either way, they have no way of knowing under what conditions their knives will be used. In keeping with their mission for top quality products, they use stainless steel for the blades in every model of knife they make. Though they use different types for different knife models, in general, the stainless steels they use have a good blend of hardness, strength, toughness, ductility, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, edge retention and sharpen ability.

How does the Rockwell Hardness Scale work?

One of their proprietary processes is heat-treating the blade to achieve an appropriate hardness. If the blade is too soft, it will not hold an edge. If it is too brittle, it will not withstand pressure, impact and torque and is harder to resharpen. The Rockwell tester presses a diamond tip into the steel to determine its hardness, which it indicates on a numeric scale. They have worked diligently at testing to achieve what they feel is the best degree of hardness for each type of knife, depending on its intended purpose. In general, the standard hardness range they use for their blade steels is 58-61.

Why are Buck knives famous for holding their edge?

First, Buck uses a specific steel for each type of knife. Second, they heat-treat their blades to match the end use of the knife. Third, their proprietary, computerized Edege2x Technology was developed to edge their blades to be sharper out of the box, hold the edge longer and make sharpening easier. Buck’s automated technology, combined with hand edging and sharpening, results in a consistent, thinner and sharper edge that lasts longer. rockwell hardness tester for sale

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