February 22, 2024

Dad jokes are a unique kind of humor. They’re wholesome and inoffensive, making them safe for kids to hear, but they also tend to rely on cheesiness and predictability. They often use puns, for example, and they’re almost always met with groans from the listeners.

But why are dad jokes so popular? What makes them so different from fart jokes, knock-knock jokes, or other types of humor? And how do we know that a joke is truly a dad joke, rather than simply a cringe-worthy pun or a lame one-liner?

Regardless of their popularity, the fact remains that dad jokes have some serious drawbacks. For one thing, the way they’re commonly used can make children feel like their fathers are not valuing their opinions or trying to connect with them. Moreover, the fact that these jokes are based on predictability and cheesiness may lead some children to think of their fathers as unfunny or apathetic.

Still, if you’re willing to look past their flaws, dad jokes have some real benefits. As one study found, children who are repeatedly exposed to eye-rolling humor develop a natural immunity to embarrassment and learn to be more comfortable in their own skin. They also become more resilient to minor attacks on their egos and emotions, because they know how to handle them without getting worked up or acting out (Gray, 2013). So whether you’re looking to laugh, teach your kids a lesson, or just have a good time with your family, we’ve got the best dad jokes that are sure to bring a smile — or at least an eye roll. dad jokes

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