December 11, 2023

Our collection of wholesale angel figurines includes a variety of unique products that are perfect for gift shops. Whether you are looking for an inspiring reminder of faith or the sacred power of gemstones, these sculpted angels will add a touch of ethereal beauty to any home. Our assortment also includes popular angel gifts for those who appreciate the beauty of nature and the gentle energies that surround us.

Angels & Cherubs

In Jewish, Christian, and Islamic literature, a cherub is a celestial winged being with human, animal, or birdlike characteristics. Cherubs are often depicted as chubby, childlike figures and represent innocence and angelic qualities. They are also considered guardians and often shown as surrounding the throne of God. They are popular features within religious artwork and can be seen as attendants for focal characters in paintings and sculptures. In the artistic context, they are sometimes referred to as putti (plural of puta), a term that refers to the Italian word for boys.

Cupids are more nebulous in their meaning and interpretation but they often feature in art as romantic figures or as symbols of love. They are often paired with hearts or flowers and can be used to convey messages of love, beauty, and divine grace. They can be found on a wide range of products such as jewelry, pins, and framed prints.

In Judaism, the existence of angels is generally accepted with many forms of rabbinic interpretation on how literally one should interpret biblical passages associated with them. The Jewish angel hierarchy includes cherubim, which are celestial creatures that guard the presence of God and act as intermediaries between heaven and earth. In Christianity, cherubim are not as powerful as seraphim but they do serve intercessory functions and continually praise God with the tasbih, or “Glory to Allah.” They appear in the first chapter of Genesis where they are described as guardians of Eden and the throne of God.

Angel Statues

Roman angel statues can add a touch of tranquility to any garden area. These decorative pieces are a beautiful focal point for the landscape, whether you are using them to promote growth or as a reminder of a loved one. They also work well in a garden meditation bench, where they can heighten time spent in prayer or quiet reflection.

In addition to their aesthetic beauty, these angels can be used as gifts for a variety of occasions. Baby angels make adorable new baby or baptism gifts, while bereavement and sympathy angels are a comfort for those who have lost someone. Christmas angels are also a mainstay in the homes of collectors, while some are even designed to double as an ornament.

Browse the collection of figurines from various brands and artists to find an angel that suits your taste. Willow Tree features elegant angels with detailed gowns, while other brands offer statues of children or guardian angels holding a child. Some of these angels even have scrolled messages that speak to a specific theme. These include the Foundations angels, the Guardian Angels, and the Four Seasons Angels. Other popular angels include those from the Lladro line, which feature figurines with wire wings. Sculptors such as James Shore create unique angels with special meanings, including the Faith Angel, the Love Angel, the Bless This Home Angel and the God Bless You Angel.

Gemstone Angel Figurines

Angel figurines made from crystals and gemstones are powerful talismans for those looking to connect with the angelic realm and tap into their innate healing properties. Whether you choose an amethyst angel figure, which protects its keepers against psychic attacks, or a rose quartz angel statue, known for its love and compassion-building qualities, these beautiful angels are sure to bring blessings and healing into your life.

Gemstone angels can be used to call in your angel + spirit guides, allowing you to move into alignment with your highest truth and the universe’s divine plan. They can also be placed around the home, bringing in positive energies and supporting your spiritual growth.

Our crystal angels for sale are a wonderful gift to give yourself or a loved one, as well as an elegant addition to your home decor. You can place them on your altar, window sill or bedside table to help you tune into the gentle energies of your guardian angels and embody their loving qualities.

A beautiful reminder that a deceased loved one is always with you, this crystal angel statue features a cardinal with a heart-shaped message that reads “Forever With You in my Heart”. Strong demand is expected.

Angel Gifts

Angel gifts are a way to encourage and support those in need of guidance. The angel statues and figurines can provide inspiration by reminding them of meaningful qualities or times in their lives. The angel gifts can also give comfort and help to ease the loss of a loved one. The gift ideas for angels include a bereavement angel, sympathy plaque, and an angel tree topper that can be displayed throughout the year as a reminder of a beloved one.

A prayer angel candle holder can be placed on a table, shelf, or mantle to brighten up the home and inspire peace and happiness. This rust-colored metal and wood creation features both finished and unfinished sides and comes with a tealight candle for a soft display. It makes a wonderful birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or Mother’s Day gift idea.

This cherub angel sculpture has short blond curls and holds detailed roses in her hands while a chubby heart rests on her shoulders. She carries an angelic look with her gold wings, halo, and wings. This sculptural masterpiece can be given as a Mother’s Day, anniversary, or birthday gift for Grandma.

This sandstone pocket angel can be carried around for spiritual healing and positive energy. It can also be used as a worry stone, good luck charm, or amulet to protect and keep someone in your thoughts and prayers. This pocket angel also comes with a card that expresses your sentiments to a friend or family member in time of need.

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