February 27, 2024

With the people raving about the latest PlayStation 3 and its amazing features, the Sony PS4 rumours have already started making the rounds. Its features include the stunning graphics, the blue ray, the cell chip processor, and others. People have started wondering about the next PlayStation and the additional features it will offer. The game makers are already working overtime to take the gaming experience to the next possible level with Microsoft working on Xbox 720 and Nintendo working on Wii2 along with Sony who is already in works with PS4.

People’s Expectations

With the Sony PlayStation 3 offering a host of advanced gaming features to the people, the expectations regarding PlayStation 4 are already on a high. Still, there is confusion among many about whether it would just be a continuation of third PlayStation series or it will be a completely new console with a new design and other unique features. People are expecting to see a new console that has an additional power supply that will help reduce the size and will also improve the cooling capabilities of the console.

* There are many Sony PS4 rumours doing the rounds in the gaming industry. Some say that there will be no more continuing with the PlayStation 4 designing due to several management changes in the Sony. But, the management has rubbished these Sony PS4 rumours by saying that the plans for the console are still in the works and its release date is yet to be decided.

* There is also speculation in the market that Sony may even use a new and improved graphics processor for their next PlayStation console. With PS3 doing well with the gamers, the graphics processors will have a huge responsibility to play in the development and the improved capabilities of the console.

* Other Sony PS4 rumours making the rounds among the people is that the next PS series console may not have a Blu Ray combo. This is because Blu Ray is one of the most expensive parts of PlayStation 3 and excluding it from the pack will also help the gamers save money on their consoles. This will allow Sony to offer more storage space and a better loading time along with keeping the price of the console competitive with regards to the next generation consoles waiting to hit the market such as Wii2 and Xbox 720. Also, with half of America still unknown to Blu Ray technology, it will not have much effect on the purchasing decisions.

Above-given details are just some of the Sony PS4 rumours that are flooding the market. These are just speculations regarding the next level of gaming experience. According to the Sony president, they are still in the works for the whole thing and the biggest advantage they have while doing so is that they do not have any specific direction that they need to adhere to. With the recent slew of several high-end gadgets, the whole thing is now open for endless interpretation for the public. One thing is sure – the next generation PS4 is going to surpass all expectations with its mind-boggling features and amazing capabilities. PS4 games

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