March 20, 2023

If you’re missing one or more teeth and want a permanent replacement, ask your doctor to consider Robina Dental implants. These artificial tooth roots are designed to look and feel like natural teeth, so you can’t tell the difference.

They Are Strong and Durable : The implant post is made of titanium, a metal that has a high strength-to-weight ratio. It is affixed to the jawbone, where it will fuse (integrate) with it over time in a process called osseointegration.

You can have dental implants if you are in good general health, don’t smoke, have good oral hygiene and enough bone in your jaw to support them. Your dentist can determine if you are a candidate for implants based on a thorough medical and dental exam.

There are no upper age limits to dental implants; in fact, many people who have lost a tooth or teeth due to an accident, gum disease or decay can get them at any stage of life.

They Restore Your Bite and Chewing Ability : The gap left behind by missing teeth can shift adjacent teeth out of place, making it difficult to chew properly or cause them to wear down the healthy teeth around them. This can lead to other dental problems such as an unhealthy bite and issues with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which can be painful and cause headaches.

The implant also helps stimulate your jawbone to heal and prevent further bone loss. Bone deterioration after tooth loss can lead to changes in your facial structure, making you appear older than you are.

It’s Easy to Clean : The implant posts are completely integrated into the jawbone, which makes them easier to clean than other restorations. They are strong, secure and look natural.

If you have a missing tooth, you may be hesitant to smile or speak because you don’t like the way your mouth looks. However, dental implants are a highly effective method of restoring your teeth and enhancing your smile without changing your appearance.

They Improve Your Mouth Function : Dental implants allow you to chew more effectively than dentures and bridges. They are also the only restorative option that can be used to replace a single missing tooth and provide all of the benefits of a full set of natural teeth.

The dental implants are placed into the jaw bone, where they act as root extensions. The new tooth is then attached to the post, creating a solid, secure foundation for the replacement.

Unlike traditional restorative procedures, dental implants can be completed in one single visit to the office. Depending on the patient’s needs, they can be combined with replacement teeth in a single procedure, or the replacement teeth may be placed at the same time as the implants are implanted.

It’s a Safe, Reliable Treatment for Missing Teeth : Dental implants have become an increasingly popular alternative to dentures and bridges because they are more stable and secure. They are designed to fit and function like natural teeth, so they can be treated with the same meticulous care that you would take with your own teeth.

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