February 23, 2024

Are you considering replacing your conservatory roof, but wondering how much it will cost? Or perhaps you’re thinking about how a new roof could enhance your existing space, adding luxury features like integrated spotlights and custom roof lanterns? Whatever the reasons for your conservatory renovation, it’s important to set a budget to make sure that you’re not overstretching yourself. This article will give you a clear idea of what to expect when it comes to conservatory roof replacement costs, so that you can plan for the best possible outcome.

It is worth bearing in mind that any pre-existing damage or leaking issues will need to be addressed before a new roof can be installed, which is why it’s important to consult an expert beforehand. They’ll be able to provide a detailed breakdown of the work that will need to be done, and can help you decide whether or not it makes more sense to repair your conservatory instead of replacing the roof entirely.

When choosing an installer, it’s worth checking that they have extensive experience in removing and installing conservatory roofs. Also, make sure that they’re members of any trade bodies or accreditation schemes as this can give you peace of mind that their work is high quality and meets any industry regulations.

On average, a glass or polycarbonate roof will cost between PS4000 – PS7000 for most conservatory styles, with lean-to conservatories a little cheaper at around PS3500 – PS5000. However, the true cost will depend on your individual needs and the style of conservatory you have, as shown in the table below. conservatory roof replacement cost

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