December 11, 2023

When we are experiencing pain, depression, anxiety or physical ailments, the reason is usually due to blocked energy in the body. Quantum energy healing enhances the natural flow of your energies to bring balance and optimize your well-being.

Our bodies and minds are interconnected with the quantum field that contains an infinite reservoir of energy and information. We can access this infinite energy with various healing techniques that are part of a new emerging science, quantum physics. Quantum physics proposes that everything is made of vibrating particles which are connected and can be influenced by other particles regardless of the distance between them. This concept is called entanglement and is the basis for many alternative medicine therapies including quantum energy healing.

Quantum energy healing is a holistic therapy that blends ancient therapies like Reiki with cutting edge devices to create an optimal state of being. All of us are created from energy and that energy is constantly being influenced by our environment and our emotions. Energy healing brings balance to the whole body which can help alleviate symptoms and bring our life into focus. All methods of energy healing work to alter the way energy is flowed or manifested in a person. There are a variety of techniques such as sound bowel therapy which vibrates the body, RIFE machines which infuse vibrations into the body or Reiki energy transfer from a practitioner. Muscle testing is used to determine the energy imbalances that need attention and a specific numeric sequence of treatments are followed. Jumping ahead to “chase a symptom” may offer temporary relief but long term gains are more easily assured by following the defined sequence of treatments.

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