December 11, 2023

As video is taking center stage, brands and businesses are leveraging videos to promote their products and services, drive website traffic, and increase engagement. It’s critical to ensure that the voiceovers that animate this content are engaging and of high quality. The right voice can take an ordinary video and make it stand out from the competition, but a poor voiceover can ruin the impact of a stunning production.

When searching for the perfect voice for your project, it’s important to use logic and research to help narrow down the choices. But, sometimes you need to let your gut instinct guide you. After all, you can put the best script, and the most experienced voice actor, but if they don’t capture your audience, they may never be heard.

Whether you’re looking for a warm and friendly female, a cool and calm male, or a bubbly and chirpy character voice, the UK voice actors at offer a variety of tones, accents, and styles to match your project.

As opposed to the US, where most voice actors are represented by an agency, UK voice over artists tend to be self-employed and often have a home recording studio. This allows them to work at a quicker rate and reduce costs. In addition, many are members of Equity, a union for professional performers and creative practitioners. This helps them set themselves apart from the competition when negotiating rates with clients. As a result, they are more competitive with their North American counterparts when bidding for projects.

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