December 11, 2023

The voice is one of the most important tools for actors — it can make all the difference between a decent performance and a goosebump-inducing showstopper. It can also play a big role in how well you communicate the subtleties and nuances of inner psychological dramatic truth to an audience on stage or in other media like film, TV, animation, video games, e-learning, and narration.

The ability to create a variety of character voices is often required in a career as a voice actor. Whether it’s in video games, audio drama, narration or even the average corporate explainer it’s essential to have a good repertoire of characters and a range of accents at your disposal.

Getting started in voice acting can require some significant financial investment, depending on your goals and the level of professionalism you wish to pursue. A high-quality home recording studio and professional-grade equipment are usually a necessity, as is an understanding of the business and production sides of the industry.

While some beginner voice actors can book their first gigs within a month, many take much longer to find their feet and can spend years honing their skills and building their portfolio. It can be very helpful to have a mentor or coach along the way who can guide you through the process, and who will support and challenge you as you grow as a voice artist.

Fortunately, there are a wide range of online courses and resources that can help you get started in voice acting. We’ve rounded up some of the best and included everything from introductory classes for newcomers to more technically focused courses. Voice actor training

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