December 11, 2023

You’ve got a baby on the way, and that means one thing: choosing a name. Not just a sweet lullaby, your baby’s name is a symbol of how you and your partner envision their future together. So when you’re looking for a rare or unusual name for your little bundle of joy, it’s essential to find a balance between your unique ideas and the opinions of others.

Then, once you’ve narrowed down your favorite picks, it’s time to get the family involved. While their thoughts are generally well-intentioned, family members and friends may not always be on board with your vision. They might try to talk you out of a certain name or give you reasons why it’s not as good as a more popular option. But don’t let their negative reactions sway you.

Unusual Baby Girl Names

For a girls’ name with a touch of nature, consider these unisex names: Tenley: A charming and melodious choice that’s also reminiscent of the Welsh town Tnley, derived from the Old English word Hunwine; or Uisdean (oo-ISS-dheen): a Scottish and Gaelic name that means “town” and “woodland clearing”. Or, try Kynlee: a gender-neutral option based on the Irish spelling Kinley. Lark: A morning bird-inspired name that’s also a cute nickname for Murphy. Or, go for the syllable-rich beauty of Wren: a musical name that’s inspired by the brown songbird.

A lot of modern invented names have found their way into the Top 1000, including these regal options for boys: Xayvion: This Latin name is rising quickly, with a nod to the great American musician Hendrix; and Crew: A word name picked by The Young and the Restless star Joshua Morrow for his son. baby name

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