November 29, 2023

A big glass vase is a classic addition to home decor. It can be used to display fresh flowers or even decorative pieces like canes and umbrellas. These large vases can also be used for special events.

Various types of large vases exist in the market and a few are available at eHomemart. You can choose the perfect glass vase for your space by analyzing where it will be placed and what type of decoration you plan to place inside. For example, if you have an outdoor party or celebration in mind, the hurricane crystal beaded floral vase is the best option to add a sense of scintillating beauty to your event. Alternatively, you can go for the metallic trumpet flower vase which will bring an air of sophistication to your celebration.

The most common tall glass vases include clear cylinder vases and reversible vases that are ideal for both fresh and faux floral arrangements. Some of the vases for sale also have bigger openings to accommodate heavier floral displays and other types of decorations. If you’re looking for a unique tall vase that will make an impressive centerpiece, check out our tall Eiffel tower vases or our tall glass vases with a flared body.

Colored blown glass vases have long been a part of furniture design and manufacture. They are typically priced higher than plain colored vases and can be found in a variety of shapes. Some of the most popular styles are sculptural, Mid-Century Modern or Art Deco designs.

Vintage and Antique Vases

Whether you’re looking for a simple and functional piece or a massive statement piece, there are numerous vases for sale in our collection that you can find at 1stDibs. These vases are created using a variety of materials, including ceramic, porcelain, glass and more. Regardless of their material, all of these vases for sale carry a rich story, whether it’s the past or the present.

For instance, a contemporary vase designed by Jeff Zimmerman or Davide Dona can add a pop of color to a room, while a French cameo glass vase can be an incredibly elegant focal point in a dining room. Both of these vases were made with exceptional care and can be found in many varieties on 1stDibs.

Jar vases are great for light and dark-toned interiors alike. They can be paired with different decorative accents and are easy to add to your kitchen, bathroom or living room decor.

In addition to a wide range of decorative jars, we also offer creative fused and hand blown vases that are a beautiful way to add style to your interior. These unique vases come in a variety of colors and are perfect for displaying bouquets or single blooms.

We’re also a big fan of big vases for sale that are made from ceramic or stone. These pieces can be used as a focal point in a dining or living room or can be displayed in a bedroom for an extra dose of decor flair. We also carry ceramic vases that are inspired by ancient Greek pottery vessels, as well as more traditional styles. gros vase en verre

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