October 2, 2023

A solid conservatory roof transforms your conservatory into a year-round room, allowing you to use your space more efficiently and making it an integral part of your home. Unlike a traditional glass or polycarbonate roof, which can overheat in the summer and freeze in the winter, a tiled replacement conservatory roof will regulate the temperature and create a comfortable environment for you to use all year round.

A solid roof for a conservatory can be made in a range of styles, colours and materials. There are uPVC and composite tiles, natural slates, clay or concrete tiles as well as shingle roof sheets. You can also add Velux windows and a bespoke plastered ceiling to give your new room that cosy living space feel. It is important to find a trusted installer who can offer a variety of options, and who can work with you to design a new replacement conservatory roof that meets your needs.

The 3 big national firms – Safestyle, Everest and Anglian all score very highly on the Trustpilot consumer reviews site. We recommend you get quotes from these companies before choosing your supplier.

Getting a new roof for your conservatory can be a complicated process, involving not only fitting the new roof but making sure the structure is sound and ready to accommodate the weight of a solid roof. The existing roof frame and base may need structural improvements to support the extra weight, especially if your old conservatory was designed for a glass or polycarbonate roof.

We carry out a comprehensive survey of your existing conservatory, checking that the current frame and base can bear the weight of a solid roof and that it will be secure and structurally sound when it is fitted. This is a requirement to meet building regulations when converting your conservatory into a room that can be used as an extra living space, and you will need to be issued with a completion certificate by the local authority after we have carried out the work.

It’s very important that you do your research before having any kind of work done on your conservatory, as there are many unscrupulous traders out there who will quote you low prices to gain your business then upsell you on unnecessary work. Make sure you only use a reputable company with years of experience and high customer satisfaction levels.

If you are interested in a new solid conservatory roof, we would strongly advise that you get quotes from at least three different companies before committing to any work. This will allow you to compare prices, installation times and the quality of workmanship. We recommend you visit your local showrooms and ask to see examples of their recent work, as this will give you a better idea of what kind of quality you can expect from a reputable supplier. We also suggest that you read our article on how to choose a company to fit your replacement conservatory roof, as this will help to ensure you make the best choice for your specific situation. solid conservatory roof

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