February 27, 2024

The Reserve Residences is a thoughtfully curated integrated development with transport hub that features a blend of 1- to 5-bedroom luxury residences, serviced residences, retail and public spaces. Situated in the Beauty World neighbourhood, it is seamlessly connected to transport networks and nature attractions.

Many of the problems faced by reserve communities stem from their origins in a time when the Crown controlled the lands and resources that make up reserves. As a result, these communities have often been isolated and under-developed. In addition, the lack of economic activity and employment on reserves can lead to a range of social issues such as inadequate housing. The shortage of affordable housing is one of the most significant challenges facing First Nations peoples. In fact, a recent evaluation of the On-Reserve Housing Program conducted by the Evaluation, Performance Measurement and Review Branch (EPMRB) found that it was one of eight issues identified as contributing to First Nations population declines on reserve.

A large percentage of the 3,394 reserves in Canada are small and remote, and residents of these communities often struggle to obtain jobs and access other essential services. In addition, because reserves are government-controlled lands, band members do not own their homes or property and face difficulty in obtaining mortgages and other loans. The combination of these factors leads to poverty, substance abuse, and a host of health and social issues. The result is that some First Nations peoples choose to leave their traditional home in reserve and move to cities in order to improve their lives. reserve residences

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