February 27, 2024

The modern porcelain seraphim angel figurine is the most recent manifestation of seraphim angels’ history. In fact, people have been sculpting figurines for tens of thousands of years, when the first small, sculpted representations of fertility goddesses were created. Some of those figurines have been unearthed and shown to be over 30,000 years old. These figurines are quite possibly the roots of all seraphim angels’ history.

Civilizations of many different faiths have long believed in the existence of angels. Artists and writers have been making reference to seraphim angels for well over 2,000 years. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, seraphim always stood at the top of the nine-level hierarchy of angels. Seraphim were originally understood in this tradition as righteous six-winged serpents that protected the Lord during the war between heaven and hell, as referenced in the Book of Isaiah. They were said to be musicians, playing string and wind instruments and transforming the glory of God into sound.

The modern seraphim angel as a humanoid with one pair of wings originated only a few hundred years ago, but this does not make them any less real or enduring to the millions who believe in them. Many believe that each of us is born with a guardian angel that watches over us from birth to passing. Some have even managed to get in contact with their guardian angels, communicating with them through symbols and calling them by their first names. Americans are especially attuned, with over sixty percent of Americans believing in the existence of angels.

In the 21st Century, modern artisans and distributors continue the tradition of paying homage to seraphim angels by creating beautiful, collectible figurines. One of the most famous names in seraphim angels is Roman, Inc. That company’s line of seraphim angels, while relatively new on the scene, is the most widely respected company in the world for its undying commitment to beauty and craftsmanship. Angel Figurine

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