February 23, 2024

Air cooling is a simple but effective thermal management solution that relies on the natural movement of hot air through and over components. It’s the approach used in most laptops, PCs and gaming systems.

The system works by drawing in ambient air and evaporating it to produce cool, moist air, which is then cooled again before being exhausted. It’s ideal for areas with a dry climate, as it doesn’t work as well in warm or humid environments.

The first step in any air-cooled setup is getting the right case and fan configuration. A good case can make all the difference in terms of how well your PC performs. Look for a case with good reviews and consider whether the layout is going to be conducive to airflow.

Once you have a great case and fans, the next thing is to set up your motherboard and CPU. You’ll need to determine what TDP your processor can handle and ensure the cooler you select can accommodate it.

You’ll also need to think about your RAM and GPU, which are both heat-generating components and may require their own separate coolers.

One final consideration when building an air-cooled PC is the amount of dust your fans will create. You’ll need to keep on top of this as it can restrict airflow and lead to overheating and other problems. Mylek air coolers use a built-in ioniser to release negative ions into the air, which help to clean and purify it, leaving you feeling refreshed, focused and energised. air cooling

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