December 11, 2023

8 personalised  home décor gifts for first new home:

Classy Cats Cushion Cover –

It is one of the commonly used personalised home décor gifts. Obviously, it is a cushion pillow used for sleeping. Front part consists of 100 percent cotton  and back part has 90 percent cotton and 10 percent polyester. It can be hand washed and cooled from iron in a proper way. Try to keep away from fire and is made in Ireland.

Blue Stripe Tapered Planter –

It is one of the beautifully personalised housewarming gifts made potted plant which can be used as a vase for fresh cuttings. It will look beautiful when decorated in your house besides the windows. It painted from outside and all work are created manually. Apart from these, this indoor planter has been wheel thrown using earthenware clay and then decorated by hand and texture pattern in design called as sgraffito. It’s weight is 0.271 kg and it comes in different shapes and sizes such as 11 cm in height and 9 cm in base diameter.

Tropical Pourer –

Tropical pourer is basically a small jug which are wheel thrown and made using stoneware clay and then decorated by hand painting and redesigned through sgraffito. These small jugs are wheel thrown using stone care clay. The company which created matching coffee cups and sugar bowls for this range which comes in three colours. All stone pieces related to this device. Another thing is that all stoneware pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe. All these items are handmade and may look different than photos in reality. It is 10.5 cm in height and 7.5 cm in width and its weight is 0.261 kg.

Personalised  Designer Ash Pen –

This designer ash pen comes in a black velvet box. This rounded and slightly larger pen is more suited for those with larger hands. The pen can be personalised  with any name you desire. It has 0.1 kg of weight.

Leaf coffee cup –

It is one of the simple stylish coffee cups which are wheel thrown using stoneware clay, and then decorated by hand-painting and provided etching in the design using sgraffito. All stoneware pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe. All products are handmade and vary slightly with photos. It height is 7 cm  and width is 8.5 cm and its overall weight is 0.21 kg.

Leaf round hanging planter –

This potted plant is handmade and painted with beautiful colors. This product is perfect for those likes to live into urban jungles. This indoor planter has been wheel thrown using earthenware clay, and then decorated by hand painting and etching using sgraffito. These planters comes in different shapes and sizes and designs. Its approx size is H 10 cm and base diameter 13 cm and its weight is 0.282 kg. This is perfect personalised housewarming gift for your first new home.

 Lavender Sachet – Black –

It is a beautiful decorative hanging pouch made from a lovely black Irish linen, embroidered with a white and pink flower, filled with highly fragrant natural dried lavender. The scent of lavender has been used for centuries as a natural sleep aid.  Also kept in your wardrobe or drawers it can be used as a moth repellant. It’s size is approx 12x10cm. It is a beautiful embroidered Irish linen sachet fillet with fragrant lavender. 

Embroidered Linen Covered Sketchbook – Yellow Flower

It is a beautifully embroidered Irish Linen covered Sketchbook for all your sketching/drawing needs. The hard back sketchbook with heavyweight acid free cartridge paper is covered in lovely black Irish linen, lined with a dark blue cotton, with free machine embroidered and hand embroidered seed head stem in a chartreuse/lime green on the front. A useful elasticated band to help keep it all together. It’s size is 20 cm in length and 20 cm in breadth. norcold cooling units

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