December 11, 2023

There’s a lot to like about the new Sea-Doo Spark Trixx, especially for those who aren’t ready for the full-on thrills of a performance jet ski. It’s the most accessible beginner PWC to offer three-person athleticism and sky-pointing daring maneuvers, yet it’s less than $10,000 new – a bargain in today’s market.

It’s not just for beginners, though. The 2024 model also makes a solid choice for seasoned riders looking to upgrade from a more basic recreational model. It carries over the GTi platform that combines safe stability with just enough performance to excite and plenty of bundled gear like the iBR brake, VTS variable trim system and touring seat.


The Ergolock seat is narrower in front for a natural riding position and widest at the rear for optimal comfort. The aft portion can even be removed for more space on the platform or as a dinette for two to enjoy your lunch on the water. Plus, the iBR is the industry’s first intuitive on-water brake to reduce fatigue and worry on long rides.

To extend the life of your Sea-Doo jetski, flush it after every ride to remove salt, sand, mud, algae and other debris from the engine. Most modern watercraft have a hose connector for this task that can be run with the engine running. Doing so will help prevent buildup of sulfate crystals that diminish the battery’s ability to hold a charge. It’s one of the best ways to make your Sea-Doo last longer, so you can keep enjoying it for years to come. seadoo jetski

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