February 22, 2024

PTFE hoses offer exceptional chemical and temperature resistance. Unlike most industrial hoses, they can endure extreme temperatures without degrading or breaking down. They are also extremely strong, able to handle high pressure. This makes them the ideal choice for ptfe hose manufacturer. However, there are several factors to consider when selecting the right hose for your needs. You must first consider the size of the hose, its pressure rating, and chemical compatibility. You must also evaluate its flexibility requirements and the type of end fittings it will need to fit into your system.

ptfe hose manufacturer
Whether you are working with harsh chemicals or sensitive materials, a PTFE hose will provide maximum protection and safety. Its smooth, non-stick surface allows fluid to flow easily, while its stainless steel reinforcement increases its strength and pressure capacity. Moreover, the PTFE material is non-toxic and does not melt or corrode. This ensures that the hose will not be compromised by the chemicals it transports.

Distributor and custom manufacturer of PTFE hoses. Products include smooth bore PTFE flexible hose with medium, high and ultra-high pressure hardware. It can be used for air, acid, chlorine, composite, fire, irrigation, petroleum, paint, water, and sandblasting applications. Other types of PTFE hose include conductive and non-conductive, with a wall thickness ranging from light to heavy. Also available are hot tar, asphalt, interlocked, ducting and hydraulic hoses. Stainless steel and nylon reinforcement options are offered, as well as abrasion resistant linings. ptfe hose manufacturer

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