March 4, 2024

Online dating photographer Austin:

As more and more people turn to dating apps (and Tinder, Bumble or Hinge) for a date, it’s important to have great photos that catch a potential match’s attention. But it’s not just about five car selfies to make you stand out, but a well-rounded set of pictures that showcase your adventurous, active and interesting self. Enter Perfect Profile, a new service in town launched by the former owner of local modeling agency The Brown Agency that’s designed to glam up your online dating game. The company offers a la carte services and bundles starting at $1,800. To celebrate its launch in Austin, Perfect Profile is giving away two of its dating packages through Valentine’s Day. Learn more on its website.

For all the people out there who use dating apps, they know that a good profile photo is key. Five car selfies won’t cut it, so if you want your Tinder, Hinge or Bumble profile to attract a match, you need more than just one or two photos. Luckily, there are local photographers who specialize in Austin online dating photography.

Perfect Profile, led by a former owner of a modeling agency, wants to “glam up your online persona so that you’re seen as the best version of yourself.” That might mean showing off your taste in music with a snap next to the Willie Nelson statue, or demonstrating your artful eye in front of some downtown graffiti work.

The company offers a la carte services (location scouting, wardrobe styling, etc.), or bundles them into dating package options starting at $1,800. It will soon expand to other Texas cities.

There are plenty of other photographers out there who claim to be experts in online dating photography, but their portfolios are usually filled with modeling-esque portraits or look overly staged. A great online dating photographer will take in-the-moment, candid shots that show off personality, natural beauty and authenticity.

Other services that may be included in your dating session include guidance on app choice, first messages, photo order, filters, swiping etiquette, body language, message texting, recognizing red flags, avoiding liars and time wasters and location scouting. Some also offer guidance on overcoming obstacles like being POC, a short guy or an introvert. Online dating photographer Austin

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