February 23, 2024

Nyle’s FD 60 heat pump dehydrator efficiently dehydrates products while retaining taste, texture and nutrients.

The heat pump dryer has a closed air circulation system that allows for minimal energy loss during drying. It also recovers latent heat from drying exhaust gas and achieves higher energy utilization efficiency compared to traditional steam dehydrator.

In addition, the heat pump dehydrator is environmentally friendly and produces no carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions during operation. It also consumes less energy than traditional industrial dryers and can save up to 50% of electricity costs.

Generally, heat pump drying is considered an alternative to other energy-saving dehydration technologies due to the fact that it can produce dry goods with superior quality at a lower cost and without the production of CO2. However, its use in fruit and vegetable drying has been overlooked because of the lack of available technology and knowledge on the subject.

The most important factors in achieving high-quality dried products are temperature, time and moisture content. It is important to optimize these variables to ensure the desired product characteristics. This is particularly true in the case of fruits and vegetables, where nutrient content is often lost during the drying process.

In order to preserve a product’s sensory properties, it is important to avoid any unwanted changes during the drying process. Therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate drying conditions and temperature-time schedule for each crop. The use of a heat pump in the drying process can improve the quality of dried products by reducing the total color change and ascorbic acid degradation rates. heat pump dehydrator

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