February 22, 2024

Mould is a dangerous health hazard for asthmatics, pregnant women and small children. It can aggravate allergies, sinusitis and other respiratory conditions. It also irritates the eyes, skin and nose. Black mould is particularly dangerous and can cause respiratory dysfunction in healthy people.

Mould removal is a specialised service and should only be carried out by a trained remediation specialist. The specialist will determine the extent of the contamination and assess the best approach to solving the problem. It is important to get this right because incorrect removal can result in further damage and more mould growth.

The most common cause of mould in homes is moisture, or condensation. This can be caused by plumbing leaks, roof leaks, poor ventilation or even from general water ingress and flooding. It is important to have any dampness assessed by a professional as quickly as possible as it can cause severe and costly damage to your property.

Once the damp is removed, the contaminated areas will need to be thoroughly cleaned with specialist products that remove and prevent further mould growth. This includes cleaning walls, ceilings and other surfaces. The specialised products will also help remove unpleasant damp smells. It is important to get this done as quickly as possible as it can cause serious health problems and further damage to your property if left untreated. Mould can be difficult to remove from painted plaster walling and often requires the walls to be replaced. mould remediation london

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