February 23, 2024

Cabinets are one of the most important kitchen design elements. They provide storage, organize your kitchen’s contents, and set the tone for a room’s overall look. The selection of materials and finishes for cabinets can also make or break a room’s personality.

Modern cabinet ideas rely on simplicity and clean lines. Smooth-front slab doors are the epitome of minimal style, while a wide range of knobs and pulls can add character. Using two or more paint colors to create a palette with depth is another Modern favorite.

Natural wood finishes are making a comeback in kitchens. Lightly stained white oak and gray toned woods had their moment, but now we’re seeing a trend toward darker tones. Darker cabinets can help define a cozy and inviting ambiance when paired with warm elements such as stone accents or brass hardware.

Louvered doors — with spaces between each slat — work well for lower cabinets that need ventilation. But these cabinets are also a great way to bring in a touch of architectural style without losing the functionality that makes upper cabinets a key part of any kitchen.

While there are DIY programs that can help you draft a kitchen layout, hiring an in-house designer at a retail store will give you access to cabinet companies’ software with exact dimensions and models and the ability to see how various options would look before they’re installed. Plus, in-house designers know how to anticipate and resolve potential issues with a layout before they become problems at installation. kitchen cabinet design

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