February 23, 2024

matter residences is a freehold condo located at 7 Matter Road, District D14 with 26 units. Developed by L.K.Ang Construction, this residential development is well-connected to the city center.

The big four smart home platforms — Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings — all support Matter, meaning you can use their apps and ecosystem-specific devices to control your Matter-compatible products. A feature called Multi-Admin also allows you to use more than one app or voice assistant to manage your Matter devices.

While Matter doesn’t have its own app, the CSA says it will offer a “standardized” experience for consumers through integration with existing smart home hubs and apps. It works over Wi-Fi, Ethernet or Thread (another smart home protocol based on Zigbee that’s used in many battery-powered devices) and is local to your network, not connected to the cloud. That means you won’t need a Matter-branded hub or service to run your smart home, though it will be necessary for cellular backup, remote management and some services like media streaming.

At launch, Matter supports three out of the four main device categories: smart light bulbs and fixtures, smart plugs and switches, and thermostats and other HVAC controls. Smart security cameras are not supported, but the CSA said that support could come in the future as more companies add Matter compatibility to their apps and devices. Amazon, for example, plans to add support for Matter in the next few months through a firmware update to its Echo 4th-Gen and Eero WiFi routers and through OTA updates to its Alexa-compatible smart hubs such as the TP-Link Tapo and Aqara. matter residences

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