February 23, 2024

While the sticker price of law school has risen less than it did for medical school or business school, it is still steep. The good news is that most law students and graduates don’t pay the full sticker price, and many do not take out loans at all, according to Law School Transparency.

Many law schools offer substantial grants and scholarships, often based on merit, that significantly reduce the cost of attendance. The application process for these scholarships can be a long and drawn-out one, so it’s important to start searching early. Students should also check out national programs, such as the Legal Services Corporation-administered Herbert S. Garten Loan Repayment Assistance Program for lawyers working in legal aid and public service.

Lastly, many law schools offer work-study programs where students can earn income during their law school careers to help cover tuition and living expenses. These programs are typically available to both domestic and international students. Students should always check with their law school’s financial aid office for details.

There is some debate as to whether law schools are increasing their tuition rates because they don’t have enough jobs for new grads (it’s not like people can just skip out of law school), or if it’s because the cost of a J.D. is higher than for other fields that require similar education and credentials, such as medicine or dentistry. Kafafian would love to see top law schools try something radical, like allowing students to enroll in law school for free. Law Tuition

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