October 2, 2023

Integrative medicine austin is health care that takes all appropriate therapies – conventional and alternative – into a framework that emphasizes the therapeutic relationship and whole person. It is healing-oriented and aims to foster the body’s innate capacity to heal itself. It integrates all appropriate aspects of lifestyle into diagnosis and treatment, such as diet, exercise, quality of sleep and rest, spirituality, relationships, and environmental exposure. It also includes a wide range of complementary therapies.

In order to get a full and accurate picture of your health, it is important to be evaluated by a team of professionals who will consider all the different factors that are impacting your wellbeing. At AIS we work closely with our patients to create a personalized plan to improve the quality of their lives by achieving their wellness goals. We can do this because we have a team of professionals that include physicians, nurse practitioners, dieticians, health coaches and chefs that all collaborate with each patient to achieve the optimal outcomes.

Imagine a life with abundant energy, a clear mind, an optimized body and a vibrant sense of purpose. What if your blood sugar was balanced, your hormone levels were optimal and your autoimmunity was in remission. Imagine a life where you have the ability to be competitive at your job and your relationships are healthy and fulfilling. Imagine having the strength to play with your kids or to go on a romantic evening out and the confidence that you will be able to perform at your best.

Those are all possible when you come to a concierge practice like Austin Integrative Spine where Dr. Shelly Sethi specializes in integrative and functional medicine. She is a double board certified family physician who has helped thousands of people regain their vitality and find their purpose through her step-by-step process to get to the root cause of their chronic health conditions.

Having personally experienced the frustration of traditional medical care, she understood that patients deserve more access, less hassle and a smoother medical experience. That’s why she built a concierge practice that serves patients in a personalized manner. Our services include comprehensive health assessments, individualized nutritional and herbal therapies, intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy, advanced medical aesthetics, and bioidentical hormone therapy. All of these tools can be used in conjunction to optimize your body and brain and help you become CEO of your healthcare. Our team of experts is ready to meet with you. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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