March 4, 2024

Garbage disposals are an ingenious invention that helps keep kitchens clean and hygienic. However, the problem is that they can be extremely noisy during operation. Hence, many people choose to go for an insinkerator. These units liquefy waste food particles and then pass them through the sewage waste pipe network. This helps prevent clogged drains and reduces landfill waste. A licenced plumber can install the device underneath your existing or new sink and it can be easily connected to the sewage waste system.

The top-end models of InSinkErator and Waste King disposers have stainless steel grinding chambers and both brands use powerful and time-tested motors. The motors in Waste King disposers are high-speed permanent magnet-type while those in InSinkErator are slow speed induction.

Both brands have models within different price ranges and consumers can pick whichever one suits their needs. However, consumers have noted that both InSinkErator and Waste King disposers have a tendency to smell if not cleaned regularly. Additionally, both brands’ units are prone to leaks. The leaks can damage your kitchen cabinet or wooden floors in rare cases.

While both disposals are reliable and long-lasting, the build quality of InSinkErator’s disposers is generally better than that of Waste King’s. This is especially true for their top-end units. The cheaper disposals, however, are expected to have lower build quality. Also, both brands’ products are prone to problems like clogs and jams. The good news is that they have warranties to cover the issues.

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