October 2, 2023

Industrial environments require high air quality for product integrity, minimizing environmental impact, worker health and safety, and equipment performance. SysTech Industrial Air Cleaner filtration solutions help achieve these goals by removing airborne dust, fumes, smoke and gases. This includes:

Several types of filters are available for different applications. Pleated filters are inexpensive and work well for small particulates like pollen and dust. However, they are not very effective for finer particles such as weld fumes and smoke. Alternatively, wet filters are designed to trap chemicals and other volatile organic compounds such as VOCs, or volatile sulfur oxides (VOC). Wet filters use activated carbon or other media to remove these gases from the air. These wet filters are typically more expensive than dry filters.

The most common and widely used type of filter is the cartridge type. This filter uses a sturdy frame to hold the filter medium and is sealed to prevent frame-media leakage. The most common cartridge is the MERV 8 which combines a pre-filter, a finer screen filter and an HEPA or ULPA filter. This is a very efficient system but may require frequent changing of the filter.

Other air filtration systems include wet scrubbers and fume scrubbers which limit the amount of pollutants discharged into the atmosphere from plant emissions. Other technologies include wet dust collectors, downdraft tables and environmental control booths to capture combustible industrial dusts and pharmaceutical containment for potent compounds.

Welding smoke and fume exhaust systems are also important to protect workers from exposure to harmful substances while machining metals or welding. These systems capture the fumes and gases at the source and are often connected to a noise blanket enclosure for added protection.

Industrial recirculating air cleaners pull contaminated indoor air through a series of highly-efficient filters and then redistribute clean air back into the environment. These units negate the need to exhaust expensive heated or cooled outdoor air, and are particularly useful in areas that require a large volume of clean air, such as welding and machining.

Industrial recirculating systems from MistBuster are capable of capturing most industrial nuisance dusts, oil mists and smoke. They work by pulling contaminated air through an electrostatic ionization and neutralizing section, then passing the cleaned air through a centrifugal fan and filters. They are rated to 2,000 to 7,500 CFM. The units can be configured for either source collection or centralized filtration. They can be paired with an MX-Series industrial oil mist collector for maximum efficiency. They are ideal for a variety of industrial processes, including machining, welding and refinishing applications.

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