February 23, 2024

Ice breaker questions are fun, thought-provoking prompts that facilitate interaction among participants. They can help kids feel comfortable in new situations and make the transition to group activities less awkward for many. When posed at the right time, with the right energy and enthusiasm, they can even be a great way to start a class or meeting off on a positive note.

Kids love answering these creative, silly questions and can often see things that they have in common with other kids through their answers. The ‘this or that’ and ‘would you rather’ type of questions with only two options are the best at making everyone smile and encourage kids to open up and share. Would you rather be a narwhal or a unicorn? Wear your underwear outside your pants or on top of your head? Be the thumbs up or high five emoji?

These are great for first days of school, summer camp, sports teams, youth groups, or any new situation where kids are a mix of ages and personalities. They can also be used to help kids build social skills by practicing active listening and learning to respect the opinions of others.

Whether your students have just graduated from children’s ministry into your youth group or you have a new crop of freshmen at your church, these are the best ice breaker questions for kids to get the conversation going! They’ll have you laughing out loud and can help your kids feel more at home in their new surroundings.

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