October 2, 2023

When you need a voice over artist for your commercial, ad spot or explainer video, it’s vital to choose the right voice to match the tone of your project. Whether you need something cheeky for a character, or a warm and soothing voice to calm the audience and let your visuals do the talking. Or maybe you need a more engaging and conversational voice with a little humour to get the audience involved.

The age and demographic of your target audience will also play a role in how you select the best voice for your project. For example, if your video is aimed at teenagers and young adults, you might want to consider a British male voiceover that has an accent familiar to these people. Or, if you’re promoting a new store in Wales, then a Welsh male accent will be more relatable to the local population.

You can ask for recommendations from friends, family or co-workers to find a voice over artist that suits your needs. Similarly, you can search for the type of voice over that you need on the internet and review samples from various artists. However, be cautious of online agencies that may promise high-quality voiceovers but deliver substandard work.

Paul Berry is a professional british male voiceover artist with over 23 years of experience. He is available for radio, TV, video, e-learning and all audio based media. He can also provide studio recording from his professional recording studio in north London, UK. Paul specialises in voice-overs for IVR and on hold messages, animated explainer videos, character voices for apps and games, ad campaigns, corporate presentations, commercials, music and audio voice over and dubbing.

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