December 11, 2023

Getting the right fit is key for comfort and safety when you’re wearing shoes. Different brands use their own shoe size conventions so it’s important to check the brand’s sizing tips and conversion tables. For example, US sizes are often converted to UK shoe sizes differently; some companies such as Brooks, Saucony and Nike convert to UK shoe sizes using a full-size conversion while others like adidas, Hoka One One and New Balance use a half-size conversion.

Most of the shoe size conversion charts available online equate each European shoe size to a UK/US shoe size for convenience but these formulas are not always accurate. This is especially true for shoes with a narrower heel or toe box.

A general rule of thumb is to subtract 31 from women’s EU shoe size to arrive at their US size and to subtract 33 for men’s EU shoe size. This is not a perfect rule of thumb though, as it depends on the exact shoes being worn and the shape of the shoe last.

Also note that European shoe sizes do not include half sizes like UK and US shoes, so if your measurement falls into two different European sizes, choose the larger. This is especially important when shopping online as you will not be able to try the shoe on before buying it. However, most shoe brands will list if their shoes are fitted or wide to help you make this decision.shoe size eu to us

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