December 11, 2023

Boiling water taps supply instant 98oC boiling water at the touch of a button. They have a small, thermally-insulated tank fitted underneath your sink that’s linked directly to your water supply.

These taps can save time by replacing the need to boil a kettle or use a microwave. They can also declutter your workspace and reduce energy waste by lowering the consumption of excess water.

1. Saves Energy

Unlike the kettle that takes up space on your kitchen worktop, instant hot water taps sit in a small tank under the sink, hidden out of sight and connected to your main water supply. The tanks are heated to a constant temperature, which allows them to instantly dispense boiling water.

Boiling water taps also only dispense the amount of hot water you need, which helps reduce energy consumption. It’s been well documented that most people overfill their kettle and then re-boil water that they don’t use, which wastes electricity and leads to unwanted condensation damage to kitchen cabinets.

Instant hot water taps like the Zip and Billi Hydrotap have advanced technology that powers down the systems when not in use. This feature is particularly useful in larger families, as it can save both energy and money over the long term. They also come with a safety lock system to prevent the accidental scalding of hands. This is an added bonus for those with young children and pets. Many boiling water taps can even dispense filtered and chilled water as well, so there’s no need for additional jugs cluttering your worktop.

2. Saves Time

Boiling water taps work in a similar way to electric kettles, however instead of relying on the traditional insulated tank, they use a heating element inside to heat up the water when you press a button. This allows for a rapid response and helps to reduce energy consumption by only heating the water when you need it.

Instant boiling water taps also come with safety features such as sprung safety handles that prevent accidental scalding. They also usually have temperature control settings so you can choose how hot or cold your water is.

Another great feature of these taps is that they are easy to clean and can be used for more than just a cuppa – you can use them to sterilise baby bottles, cooking pans, washing up and cleaning the house. Plus, some models have 4 in 1 functions and can dispense boiling, filtered drinking water as well as normal hot and cold flows. This makes them ideal for modern family homes.

3. Reduces Waste

An instant hot water tap only heats the amount of water needed, meaning no gallons of water are wasted. This is a huge benefit when compared to the classic kettle, where it’s not uncommon to fill the pot with more water than you need and let it all go down the drain after pouring.

A small tap attached to a compact unit under the sink, an instant hot water dispenser provides near-boiling water on demand. When you turn the tap on, the water is heated in the tank and then pushed through the pipes to your faucet. The insulated tank keeps the water at just the right temperature, so you’ll never be boiling a full pot of water over and over again.

This also reduces waste from pets and less-mindful family members spilling boiling hot water on themselves while preparing or drinking tea or coffee. The tank will also save you the hassle of lugging a heavy kettle around the kitchen. You’ll be able to heat water much more quickly and easily than you ever could before.

4. Makes Cleaning Easier

Whether washing up after dinner or preparing a cup of coffee, a hot water tap is an excellent time-saver. It is also convenient for a range of other tasks like rinsing dishes, quickly heating instant meals, cleaning greasy surfaces and soaking clothes.

Unfortunately, it can take a while for hot water to reach your sink or shower. This is because the water has to travel a distance from the water heater and it will meet cold water that has been sitting in the pipes ahead of it.

By installing a hot water dispenser in your kitchen, you will instantly cut down on the amount of time you spend waiting for hot water. Plus, you will save energy and money because the system uses less energy than a conventional hot water tank. Some models are even designed to automatically set your desired temperature based on the altitude of your home. This is done through patented technology which ensures your water is always at the optimal hot water temperature. Some models of the Delta Instant Hot Faucet also offer a built-in filtered water option which reduces contaminants including lead, chlorine taste and odor, cysts, asbestos, benzene, 2,4-D and more.

5. Saves Money

Despite what the name implies, instant boiling water taps don’t actually dispense water at boiling point. Instead, they dispense water that is close to boiling point at 92-100degC.

They also don’t use any more energy than your standard hot water tap. The heating element is thermostatically controlled to only maintain a certain temperature. This saves you the need to boil a kettle and lowers your energy consumption overall.

Additionally, many instant boiling water taps have a safety feature to prevent spillage and accidents. This is because the tap has a sprung handle that will only release the boiling water if it is pressed down and held down with your hand.

This means that if you forget to turn the kettle off or accidentally knock it over, the tap will automatically stop dispensing. These taps are a great way to keep your workplace productive and safe, and can help you save money in the long run. To learn more about how an instant hot water tap could benefit your home or workplace, contact St Paul Pipeworks today.

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