February 23, 2024

A heat pump is an efficient way to heat and cool your home, but like all mechanical devices it can suffer from breakdowns that necessitate repair services. In some cases, a malfunctioning system can expose your family to poisonous carbon monoxide, making it important to call in a licensed professional as soon as possible.

Heat pumps use a large coil outside and a smaller coil inside your home to transfer energy. When the system is running, heat energy transfers from the outdoor air to the indoor unit via a series of refrigerant ducts. The heat pump then uses its fan to move conditioned air through the home or building, cooling the air and heating it as needed. The system can save up to 50 percent in energy costs compared to traditional furnaces.

The indoor unit is housed in a wall, floor or ceiling-mounted air handler, or a concealed cabinet for ductless systems. If your unit emits a musty or burning smell, it could indicate that mold has developed, or that there is a wiring problem. You should also contact a technician right away if you notice that the heat pump isn’t turning on at all. A faulty thermostat or a tripped circuit breaker may cause the heat pump to remain inoperable.

If you are noticing unusual noises, such as rattling or screeching, your heat pump may be in need of service. This could be a sign that the compressor is failing, or that it is low on refrigerant. It will cost about $120 to add a small amount of refrigerant, but replacing the compressor can cost up to $700. Heat pump repair services

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