February 27, 2024

If you’re in the curly hair club, then you know that ringlets and coils require extra care to look full and bouncy every day. One of the best tools in your arsenal for keeping wavy and curly locks in tip-top shape is a hair diffuser, which can speed up dry time and prevent flat or frizzy ends.

To get the most out of your hair diffuser, stylist Andrew Fitzsimons—the man behind the voluminous curls that A-list celebs like Ashley Graham and Megan Fox depend on for their gorgeous looks—recommends looking for an attachment with a lot of holes or vents that will allow for the right amount of controlled airflow to your strands. “This will make the difference between your hair having a natural bounce or flat pieces,” he says.

He also recommends getting in the habit of pinning your hair up as you start to dry it. This helps to keep your strands away from the heat of the dryer and also makes it easier to access the roots to dry them, which can help reduce frizz and breakage.

Finally, he advises to always mist your hair with a heat protectant before applying anything else (like mousse, leave-in conditioner or hair spray). This will create a barrier between the heat and your hair so it won’t feel so dry and crunchy. After you’ve spritzed, then you can use your diffuser to start working on the curls you’ve created, using a circular motion and only moving it up and down—never left to side-to-side as this will create flatness. hair diffuser

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