March 4, 2024

German classes aren’t just a way to master the language; they also introduce you to another culture. The country boasts a rich history in art, literature and cinema and it is one of the top economies in Europe. The language is also a valuable asset in business with many multinational companies having offices there.

There are a variety of German classes London to choose from, with free and paid options catering to learners of all levels and budgets. A popular free app is Duolingo, which offers lessons and quizzes to get you started. For more structured learning there are online providers like Rocket German which offer courses for all levels and different learning styles. There are also university courses that can help you earn credit towards your degree.

University courses are available at both public and private institutions. These are the most formal option and can be structured around your academic requirements. Typically, these will include a mix of language, culture, literature and history studies and some may be cross-listed with departments such as Comparative Literature, Art History or History to offer students an integrated learning experience.

For a more flexible option, you can take online or in-person evening courses. For instance, the UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (CLIE) has ten-week evening courses that can teach you basic conversational skills or help prepare for the TestDaF exam for university study. The syllabi are available on the CLIE website. German classes London

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