October 2, 2023

Fire fighting pump are specialised water pumps used to transfer water at high pressure from one location to another. They are not designed to be a substitute for a normal domestic water pump, however if correctly sized they can be a useful addition to your fire fighting capability. Fire fighting pumps are used for a range of purposes including water transfer, spraying hoses and extinguishing fires. They can be powered by either diesel or petrol and have a choice of engine size. There is a large range of different models available at Garpen to suit all budgets and requirements from simple single impeller to twin impeller pump with varying PSI capacity, flow rates and maximum head capacities.

When sizing your fire fighting pump you will need to consider the inlet/outlet sizes, nozzle selection, pressure and the maximum head. This is to ensure that your pump can deliver the correct amount of water at a sufficient pressure to effectively fight a fire. For example, a 1″ fire fighting pump will not be as effective as a 3″ pump due to the lower flow rate. It is also important to consider the maximum head as you may be required to pump water over long distances which can cause significant friction loss. For this reason it is also a good idea to check out the Water Master Pump curves HERE to see how different models compare with each other for Maximum Head and Flow Rate.

The most common type of fire fighting pump is a portable gas or diesel engine which powers a high-pressure water pump that helps to fight fires. The entire unit is usually encased in a roll cage to keep the equipment safe from any damage while in transit. The pump and engine are generally positioned in the front of the vehicle with an operator in the cab to control it.

Most volunteer fire departments rely on their volunteers to operate the equipment. This means that the crew members often have little or no formal training in the operation of fire fighting pumps. The lack of formal instruction can make it challenging to learn how to set up and operate a fire fighting pump properly. The best way to train firefighters is on the job, and fire fighting pumps are an integral part of that process.

Using a fire fighting pump is not something to take lightly, and it is critical that each member of the team understands how it works. The proper setup, operation and maintenance of a fire fighting pump can help to minimise the risk of injury or property damage during an emergency.

There are many things to consider when sizing a fire fighting pump, and the final decision should be based on an individual’s needs and objectives. Whether the pump is being used as a backup in case of an emergency, or as a regular tool for putting out small fires. Regardless of the intended purpose, it is important to find the right pump for the job, and one that will last as long as possible. fire fighting pump

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