December 11, 2023

Athletes are in a unique position to make a big impact on their own health by practicing proper nutrition. However, many athletes have a difficult time understanding the intricacies of sports nutrition and how to make it work for them. A good sports nutritionist can help educate athletes about the best food options, hydration protocols, and supplements for optimal performance.

Endurance sports such as marathon running and ultramarathons place high demands on the body, depleting energy stores and affecting muscle function. In these cases, consuming appropriate amounts of carbohydrates can improve endurance performance. Carbohydrate loading is also a common practice for endurance athletes before races to optimize glycogen stores. Our sports dietitians can guide athletes through the carbohydrate loading process, helping them determine what amounts and timing of carbohydrates is best to support their training and race performance.

Proteins, comprised of individual amino acids, are the building blocks of the body and are an essential part of a high performance diet. Proteins are important for muscle growth and repair and can be sourced from both animal and plant sources. Athletes who are focused on muscle growth may require higher amounts of protein than those who are more concerned with weight loss or maintenance. Our sports dietitians can help athletes find the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats to maximize their performance.

Finding the right sports nutritionist near you is crucial for meeting your fitness goals. A good sports nutritionist will not only be knowledgeable about the best foods for athletes, but will also listen to you and your concerns. They should be willing to make recommendations that are tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle. sports nutrition near me

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