February 27, 2024

Sex therapists can be helpful for individuals or couples who are struggling with issues related to intimacy. This may include feelings of dissatisfaction in the bedroom, difficulties communicating about sex with a partner, sexual addictions, or concerns with intimacy after a significant life event like trauma or illness. Licensed sex therapists are specially trained to work with the unique aspects of relationship and intimacy dynamics. They use a variety of treatment approaches to help clients increase confidence and satisfaction in the bedroom, while also addressing more serious issues that interfere with intimacy and a sense of well-being.

Nikki Nolet is a relationship and sex therapist who helps singles and couples with an array of intimacy concerns, including diminished libidos, sexual shame, and trouble connecting in intimate ways. She is a LMFT with experience working with LGBTQIA+ clients, and offers sessions both in person and online. She is available for a free consultation.

When you search for a Sex therapist san diego on Zencare, you can narrow your search by considering any logistical limitations, like where you live and whether you’re willing to travel for therapy, as well as the sex therapist’s specialty, insurance, and therapy budget. You can also filter by providers who offer teletherapy, which is a form of video counseling that uses a secure platform.

Licensed sex therapists can be found across San Diego, California, from Chula Vista to National City. You can also find sex therapists who are in-network with your insurance, or who accept a sliding fee scale. Many of the sex therapists on Zencare are experienced working with all ages, gender identities, and sexual orientations.

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