February 27, 2024

Finding the right hairdresser is a hard enough quest as it is, but when you have curls, it can be even harder. In fact, folks with luscious locks often spend years barber-hopping and salon-sampling before finally finding someone who can understand their unique texture. In the meantime, they endure innumerable smile-through-tears as new stylists try and ‘tame’ their kinks.

But a good curly hairdresser is like a curl whisperer, and they’ll transform your unruly kinks into envy-inducing ringlets. They’ll also teach you how to keep your curls hydrated and healthy in between salon visits. So here, we’ve rounded up the best ‘curl hair approved’ salons in Melbourne that you need to visit if you want your curls to bounce, shine and show off a little bit of sass.

Project One

Located in Prahran, this New Zealand-born salon has built a reputation for their love of all things curly. Their free-hand curl by curl cutting technique has a loyal following (they don’t advertise, only relying on word of mouth).

Rebel Curls

This Gippsland salon is run by two curly specialists with decades of experience with all types of textures. Trish and Francine are passionate about helping their clients to embrace their natural wavy, curly or coily hair with confidence and pride. They do this by empowering them with knowledge, offering a beautiful space and using curl friendly products that suit each client’s unique hair needs. curly hairdresser melbourne

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