December 11, 2023

Fenbendazole is a powerful anthelmintic used to treat a wide variety of parasites in dogs and cats including intestinal roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and lungworms. It also treats and prevents giardia in dogs and lupus in cats. It is a very broad spectrum medication with many uses in veterinary medicine and is often employed for off label (or extra-label) purposes including sex determination, parasite control in breeding facilities and in high worm burden patients. It is available in granule, liquid and chew forms, but it is most commonly given as a capsule. It should be administered with food in order to reduce gastrointestinal upset.

Fenbendezole presents exclusive action as an anthelmintic and does not interfere with the organic functioning of the host cell, but rather targets parasites primarily by binding to the tubulin molecule, thereby disrupting the microtubule equilibrium and blocking mitosis and glucose metabolism. It is also a strong anti-inflammatory and can inhibit the formation of tumor necrosis foci in vivo.

The experiments shown in Table 1 were designed to determine whether fenbendazole directly alters radiation-sensitivity of the EMT6 tumor and, in particular, prevents x-ray-induced proliferation of these tumors. All the experiments showed that fenbendazole alone did not significantly alter the growth of unirradiated or irradiated tumors. The time to four-fold tumor volume was also examined in all the experiments, but did not reveal any significant difference between groups.

Fenbendazole is not FDA approved for use in kittens, but it may be prescribed by a veterinarian and compounded by SVPMEDS. Please speak to your veterinarian regarding this treatment option for your pet and follow all veterinary directions and cautions.fenbendazole capsules

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