February 27, 2024

Several anthelmintic drugs are available to kill parasites in dogs, cats and horses. These drugs are called broad-spectrum anthelmintics. They are also used to treat parasites in poultry and reptiles. These medicines are generally considered to be safe for humans to use as long as they are not used by pregnant women or children. One of these drugs is fenbendazole (FZ). FZ has recently been repurposed to target cancer cells. This drug is an anti-worm medication and has been shown to have powerful cancer-fighting properties in laboratory studies.

A man in Edmond, Oklahoma was diagnosed with stage IV multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer that causes plasma cells to become unable to properly form a protective sheath around the nerves. After being told that he only had four months to live, a veterinarian friend suggested he try a dog deworming drug that had been shown to have cancer-fighting properties in lab tests. By May 2017, the tumors in his lungs were gone. He had a follow-up PET scan and was completely cancer free. His regimen, dubbed “The Joe Tippens Protocol,” included fenbendazole and supplements like turmeric, vitamin E and CBD oil.

Fenbendazole, or FenBen as it is often called, is a member of the benzimidazole family of drugs. It is a widely used dewormer for many animals including dogs, pigs and cattle. It also works against parasites in birds, reptiles and fish. It is available in liquid form and capsules for cats, dogs and other pets. During a fenbendazole treatment cycle, patients should take the medicine three times a week for about 10 weeks and then stop for four days. It is recommended that patients get frequent liver and kidney blood counts while taking fenbendazole to ensure the liver enzyme levels do not increase too much.

The best source for fenbendazole is a compounding pharmacy. These pharmacies can make custom medications for patients based on the guidance of their veterinarian. This allows patients to receive the exact amount of fenbendazole they need to treat their condition. The compounding pharmacist can also add other nutrients and supplements to the fenbendazole.

The pharmacy can even fill bottles of fenbendazole 222mg capsules for humans for those who prefer to do their own worming at home. These capsules are designed to be taken in the morning with food. They contain no fillers and have a clear, tasteless coating. This makes them easy to swallow. The fenbendazole dosage is usually 222mg per day or 1 gram of Panacur C. Some people also combine it with bio-available curcumin, a nutrient that can help increase healthy p53 levels, which are often elevated in cancer cells. Using these supplements with the fenbendazole can enhance its effects. fenbendazole 222mg capsules for humans

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