February 23, 2024

When issues arise in the workplace, whether it is an interview-related issue, a dispute over wages or hours, or a complaint of discrimination or wrongful termination, Employment Law advice can be critical. These legal concerns may come up at any point in the employer-employee relationship, from hiring to firing, and even when an employee leaves a company.

An experienced attorney can help an employer stay in compliance with the various state and federal laws that pertain to employees. For example, the EEOC outlines laws that prohibit retaliation against workers who file discrimination claims, and the DOL oversees laws on wage and hour minimums, safety and health standards, and employee records.

Employers can also benefit from the expertise of a knowledgeable Employment Lawyer when they need to review or troubleshoot employment-related agreements, such as written employment contracts, severance agreements, or releases. For instance, if an employee is leaving the company with confidential or proprietary information or high-level trade secrets, an attorney can advise on how to legally release them.

If you know anyone who has been embroiled in an Employment Law matter, ask them for a recommendation to the attorney they used. A good referral can be instrumental in finding a qualified attorney that will get the job done quickly and efficiently. It’s important that your Employment Lawyer has experience beyond the broader scope of employment law, and that they have handled a case similar to yours. You can check the attorney’s website to see their credentials and experience, as well as look for certifications such as “Employment Law” or “Labor & Employment Law.” Your state bar association can also provide attorney referral services. Employment Law advice

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