February 27, 2024

Stirrups have been a part of baseball uniforms since the mid-1900s. They are a throwback style that creates a classic look on the field and are available in many different designs and colors to match every team’s unique uniform style.

Custom Baseball Stirrup Socks are a Great Way to Show Off Your Personality

If you’re looking to make a statement on the diamond, try adding some stirrups to your team’s uniform. They’re a classic baseball accessory that can add a little flair to your game and can even keep your sanitary socks in place, providing a protective layer between your feet and the rough surfaces of the field.

Custom Stirrup Socks Made in the USA

Our custom stirrup socks are made in the USA using 100% performance nylon for epic durability and amazing comfort. The tube construction, double welt top, and smooth toe seam help provide optimal support at impact points, and the lightweight and quick-drying material makes them soft to the touch and easy on your feet.

Sizes and Cuts for Stirrups

We offer a variety of sizes, including Small (youth), Medium and Large Pro, to fit most players. For a closer fit, we suggest ordering a sample. We’ll be able to measure your player’s calf sizes from the bottom of the heel to the top of the stirrup and make sure it fits correctly.

A Major League Baseball player will typically wear his pants down to the ankles, but some players still prefer the traditional look of baseball stirrup socks. This is especially true for players in youth and high-school leagues, who have more freedom to choose their uniforms.

However, some players are opting to wear long pants instead of stirrup socks. This trend has been gaining popularity among MLB players over the past few years, but it is still not the norm for most other players.

Some baseball players, like Chris Archer and Francisco Lindor, have rediscovered the look of stirrups. Others, like Josh Outman, have embraced the current trend of wearing long pants without stirrups.

The Stirrups Socks That Are Part of Baseball Uniforms

Originally worn for sanitary reasons in the early 20th century, baseball stirrups are now more of a tradition than a fashion choice. They come in all different colors, designs, and cuts, so they can fit any team’s style.

They are usually worn over a white “sanitary” sock, with the stirrup showing only a portion of the sock underneath the leg. This allows players to see their cleats and keeps the sock from getting rubbed against other players’ legs, which can cause infection.

Colorful Stockings Were a Big Hit in the 1800s

Dyed socks were a popular addition to team uniforms in the 1800s, and baseball players were especially fond of them. Dyed team socks were a way for teams to show off their name, like the Cincinnati Red Stockings, and to show off their colorful baseball uniforms.

The problem with colored stockings, though, was that the dyes weren’t color fast, meaning that they could seep into other items and infect them. This led to baseball players wearing two layers of stockings: a white sanitary sock on the inside and a colored stocking on the outside. personalized fuzzy socks

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