February 22, 2024

A talking avatar is a virtual character that conveys verbal and nonverbal communication cues to users. The use of a talking avatar is an effective means to deliver information and promote products on e-commerce websites. For example, the BobDog Wine website features a talking dog avatar that greets visitors and provides product information. Other websites, such as the Katie and Kimble blog, employ a speaking child avatar to communicate greetings and provide information on company products.

Research shows that a talking avatar can help consumers perceive a website as more personal and social than a text-based website. In a study by Qiu and Benbasat, consumers perceived a web advertisement delivered by an embodied talking avatar as more trustworthy than a text-based advertisement. Similarly, Xiao and Tan found that consumers rated an e-commerce agent with a human face and voice as more credible than an agent without a human face and voice.

A variety of tools and software are available for creating a talking avatar. Some are free of charge and others offer a variety of options at reasonable prices. For example, the software Vyond allows users to animate 2D avatars with full body movements. It also has the option to add lip-sync for more realistic presentations. Another option is SitePal, which offers over 250 different talking avatar characters. Users can customize the avatars with hair design, backgrounds, and accessories. In addition, the platform includes a screen recorder and a complete video editing package for an affordable price. talking avatar

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