December 11, 2023

Commercial lock change is a necessary measure to protect your property, employees, and inventory. It can also increase accessibility and add curb appeal to your business. However, it’s not always easy. Many factors can complicate what should be a simple process.

Fortunately, you can replace most types of locks with relative ease if you know how. The following are some scenarios that may call for a commercial lock replacement:

1. You’ve Moved to a New Location

There’s a good chance the previous occupants of your office building have keys and access to your space. If you’re moving to a new office, it’s important to hire a locksmith to remove the old lock and install a fresh set. This will prevent the former occupants from coming back or gaining access to your valuable inventory and documents.

2. Your Locks Have Been Damaged

Over time, the use and abuse of a door can cause your locks to break or outlast their useful life. You may need to replace your locks to improve security or fit the design of a newly renovated office.

3. Your Employees Have Misplaced Their Keys

It’s not uncommon for employees to lose their keys. Even if you have a key card system, it’s best to replace the old lock and get a fresh set of keys. This will help ensure that only your current employees have access to your important inventory and documents. Also, it will stop people from stealing and vandalizing your business.

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