December 11, 2023

Click and Trip provides a single specialist platform for booking UK business travel with enterprise-grade management features. The company reduces costs and complexity for its 2,000 customers by matching world-class inventory and technology with industry-leading customer service.

Per Crunchbase, the startup has raised a healthy amount of external funding — including an investment from Boston-based Baupost Group in summer 2020.

What is Click and Trip?

Founded in 1999, Click Travel is the UK’s fastest-growing business travel firm. The company enables companies of all sizes to book, manage and report on business travel via an integrated online booking platform that provides a personalised experience for each business trip. This is supported by enterprise-grade management features, inbuilt travel policies and approvals and 24/7 customer support. Click Travel’s award-winning self booking tool and travel management services reduce costs and complexity for business travellers and their organizations. The acquisition brings together the best of both worlds: Click Travel’s UK market expertise and customer base will be combined with TravelPerk’s international inventory and technology. No word yet on the financial terms of the deal. Click and Trip’s team will remain in Birmingham. Click and Trip is backed by a number of investors including Future Fifty, the government’s scale-up program.

Trip Planning

Click and Trip is a specialist platform for booking, managing and reporting on business travel. It brings together the best of the UK’s corporate travel providers with its own enterprise-grade technology. It offers flexible online booking with in-built policies and approvals as well as 24/7 customer support.

If you’re in the Map or List view and see a place you want to visit, tap the green car icon to start a new trip with that location as your destination. You can also create a new trip from search results.

A trip can have up to 30 waypoints, which are like stops along your route. Add more by tapping the “Add waypoint” button. You can also edit existing waypoints: remove them by dragging them off the map or reorder them by doing a long tap and selecting Reorder. You can also add a description to each waypoint: this is shown in the published tripshot. You can use this to share the trip with others and as a reminder for yourself.

Trip Reporting

Report a trip to Click and Trip to get detailed reports on Spend, Air, Car, Hotel and Travelers activity and to monitor travel policy compliance. You can also access an overview of your trips on the Dashboard.

Reports are offered in 2 ready-made templates – Travel Analysis and Travel Billing. You can edit a report template and run it to generate the data output you need. Each template contains raw data sheets with named ranges that Click Travel populates with your underlying data when you run the report.

To share a report, click the Share tab and then choose Add Participants. Enter a name or email address of someone you would like to invite. The person you invite will receive an invite via email to view and comment on your report. They can also see all of the comments on your trip report from anywhere they are.

Trip Tracking

When you start tracking a trip, the app will automatically update your location and record your trip data. Your trip details will show up in your Inbox (where you can rename it, add a note, and classify it as business or personal). Auto-tracking is activated by giving the app access to Location, Motion & Fitness, and Bluetooth. You can also enable or disable it, based on your preference.

You can see your trip analytics in the Analytics page filtered by date range and destination geofence. You can also use the filtering options at the top of the page to see a more granular view. For example, you can view active trips by destination and see their ETAs if your admin has set up delays in the app settings. Click and Trip

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