December 11, 2023

Button Head Cap Screw
Socket set screws (also known as socket caps) have a round head with a flat bearing surface and can be tightened with an allen wrench or hex key. They are designed for a wide range of applications and have higher tensile strengths than other socket fasteners. The rounded head profile creates a flush fit and eliminates protrusions that could catch skin or clothes in moving machinery.

Button socket cap screws are often used in electrical, electronic, and machinery applications due to their strength, versatility, and raised dome head. They have a lower head height than other socket screw types, and their rounded profile makes them ideal for confined spaces where the use of traditional socket head caps may not be feasible because of a limited amount of head height available.

These fasteners have a hex drive that is recessed inside of the head, which can be counterbored to a diameter larger than the threads to ensure a snug and secure fit. They have a tamper-resistant design that prevents removal without specialized tools and are typically used in safety applications where the head will be covered.

These fasteners are made from either alloy or stainless steel to meet the specifications outlined in ASME B18.3 and DIN 7380. They can be finished with black oxide and oil, mechanical zinc, or zinc-bake Cr+3. Metric & Multistandard carries ISO 7380 Button Socket Cap Screws in Property Class 10.9, along with A2 and A4 Stainless Steel. Button Head Cap Screw

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