February 27, 2024

Brush machinery is used in a variety of industries. From cleaning pipes to surface preparation and deburring, the right brush machine can improve production speeds and quality while reducing blemishes on finished products. Whether you need a high-speed rotary wire brush machine to clean rust or an industrial cleaning machine to scrub concrete floors, there’s a machine for every application.

The DMU-1 is a high-speed tufting machine designed for personal brushes, including hairbrushes and other types of fine brushware. It uses a short-stroke filling tool and high-precision picking system to produce high-quality small brushes with minimal downtime. With this type of machine, a wide range of different shapes and sizes can be produced, such as round, half-round and flat brushheads. Depending on the model, it can also produce rubber pads, bath brushes and single- or double-sided nailbrushes.

Founded in 2015, the WOMAtec Maschinenbau GmbH began as a used machine trade company. Based on its expertise in the field of used machines, WOMAtec has now expanded to new brush machinery construction. The company now offers a wide range of high-quality, innovative machinery for all brush applications, with particular emphasis on the manufacturing of face and body cleaning brushes.

A key feature of a face or body brush is its ability to absorb soil, which can then be removed by vacuuming or washing. The Apex TB-1600 top/bottom brush machine is equipped with oscillating and rotating sanding discs that provide effective deburring, edge radius, laser oxide removal, weld point clean-up and surface preparation for powder coating and painting. It can process both the top and bottom of parts with 100% uniformity.

This machine combines the advantages of two systems in one: an e-STROKE brush tufting machine and a PTt high-speed, anchorless toothbrush production system. It can produce a complete face or body cleaning brush with just one machine, and it’s capable of producing up to 48 brushes per minute. It can process all the brush’s necessary components, including filaments, body and staple wire, in one carrousel station, with no assembly or click welding required.

PTt technology is an entirely new way to manufacture anchorless facial or body brushes, resulting in a significantly simpler and more flexible manufacturing process. The new technique eliminates the need for assembly and click welding, which can reduce overall manufacturing costs by up to 20% and allows for completely new toothbrush designs and styles. During the production of an anchorless body brush, a spool-fed tufting tool is used to tuft fine material directly onto the head plate of a brush. The head plate is then melted together and over-molded into the handle, making the whole brush.

If you are looking to update your existing brush machinery or build a new facility, the Boucherie Borghi Group can help you design and construct the right machine for your business’s needs. Our team can provide all the equipment, maintenance and repair services you need to run your operations effectively. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive offering of brush machinery.

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