December 11, 2023

Adding a touch of glamour to any space, black and gold bedside lamps have the potential to be one of your most beautiful pieces of furniture. From vintage editions that bring traditional style to contemporary designs that put their design front and center, these light fixtures are perfect for any home.

The most important thing to consider when shopping for your next lamp is how much height and width you need, because these two factors are key to determining the ideal lamp size. The most suitable table lamps for smaller bedrooms are often narrow and slender, while larger spaces like living rooms and basements can benefit from wider and more dominant fixtures.

Finding the right balance between slender and wide is crucial to choosing a black and gold table lamp that works for your room. In general, lamps that are too small for a bedside table can look out of place and may not give off the right amount of lighting for reading or working on a laptop.

In contrast, a wide gold table lamp can help fill in the gaps between a desk and chair, or make a large room feel more spacious by creating a layered lighting effect. You can also use gold table lamps in pairs, symmetrically surrounding a decorative centerpiece on a console or bedside table.

Another great way to make a gold lamp stand out is to choose a shade with a unique texture or bold lines. These will add a striking element to the piece and keep it from blending in too much with its surroundings.

For more traditional styles, gold table lamps are also available in classic rounded forms or more intricate silhouettes. Find them in a variety of sizes to complement a range of spaces, from petite shelves and small bedside tables to expansive living room corners.

You can even find a gold and black lamp that’s portable, so you can move it to wherever you need light in your home. With just a tap of the base, you can adjust the brightness of this cordless, super-light fixture.

The best black and gold bedside lamps are practical, but still stylish, and they’ll provide a soft, ambient glow to your bedroom or living space. Some are also equipped with special features that you can’t find in more traditional fixtures, including dimming options and adjustable shades.

Using a lamp that’s too bright can tire your eyes, while a dimmer function is helpful for those who prefer to read before bed. Regardless of the type of lamp you select, we recommend picking one that’s rated for a long lifetime, so it will be around when your children or grandchildren are grown up.

If you’re looking for a more modern option, try one that features a wireless control system, so you can adjust the lights with your phone or Google Assistant. These devices offer a number of preset modes, so you can control the color and brightness of your light with just your voice.

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