February 27, 2024

Divorce mediation service can be beneficial for couples that are separated, or even considering divorce, but would rather avoid court proceedings. During divorce mediation, spouses will discuss their marital problems with a trained mediator and find solutions that work best for them and their family. A mediator can provide legal/financial advice to the couple, and can assist with drafting the final settlement agreement.

During the initial session, spouses meet in a conference room or comfortable office with a trained mediator and discuss their issues. Some mediators will remain in the same room during the entire session, while others may break couples into separate rooms for private discussions. Couples can also bring their attorneys to the sessions, and some mediators will recommend that the couple consult with one another before deciding how to proceed in the case.

The benefit of choosing a professional NYC divorce mediator is that the process is much quicker than traditional litigation. Many divorce cases are resolved within 3-6 months, and this can be even less time if the couple is able to agree on the key issues in their case.

Spouses who own a business, for example, might be able to craft creative arrangements for the future of the company and save money and hassle by using a mediation approach. Spouses can also use a mediation to reach an agreement for child custody and support, but it’s always a good idea to have a lawyer review the final settlement agreement before signing it.

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